Sven-David Gießelmann

Sven-David Gießelmann
Game & Level Designer, Visual Designer

Hey friend! Back in 2007, I started creating custom maps for Star Wars: Republic Commando using the Unreal 2.5 Editor – that was so incredibly fun, rewarding, and exciting to me that I never stopped designing content for playful experiences. I absolutely love designing & working on games!

I especially adore games and worlds where you can really become a part of, where you can dive in, explore the whole experience presented to you and fully immerse yourself in a believable world. In my mind, games can be so much more than “arcade applications” – emotional narratives, deep & rewarding gameplay systems, authentic environments, relatable characters, and player freedom all contribute to unique, unforgettable experiences. Often enough these experiences go way beyond what any other entertainment medium can achieve.

As a Game Designer, keeping flow and accessibility in mind, conceptualizing fun gameplay sequences and systems, creating appealing worlds as well as guiding the player through his optimal experience is my top priority and what I enjoy the most when designing for games. Speaking of guiding players – it’s so fun and rewarding DM’ing for P&P parties and trying to create enjoyable adventures. I often like to compare that role with game design too!

Also, collaborating with other developers and designers, learning together as well as helping each other out whenever you can is a very rewarding and motivating prospect for me. I love working and communicating with others, there is a special feeling in bonding over a common goal while working together towards achieving the best possible result.

Currently, I am Co-Managing Director and Lead Designer of Cyber Manatee Games UG, a video game studio Start-Up I Co-founded with two friends and we are based in Cologne. My other professional experiences within software/game development include visual design, UX design, quality assurance, UI animation, producing, and product management for various types of applications. Next to my game-related roles within Cyber Manatee Games, I also work for RockAByte, a mobile app development agency based in Cologne.

Finally, I recently finished my master’s degree in Game Development at the Cologne Game Lab with a heavy focus on “Level Design for Virtual Reality”. 

PS: My favorite games include Half-Life (All of them), Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, The Last of Us (1+2), God of War (2018), Divinity: Original Sin 2, Mafia (1+2), Gothic (1+2), Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, and CS:GO.

Current Studies / Acitivities
Master of Arts: Game Development & Research
September 2018 – Today
Cologne Game Lab

• Main Focus: Game Design, Level Design (thesis project)
• Interactive writing & Storytelling
• Visual aesthetics, 3D-Modeling & Animation, 2D- & 3D-Design
• Digital & Analogue Prototyping (Visual Scripting)
• Sound design & Audio composition
• Video game & media studies
• Media economics & Theory

RockAByte GmbH (Cologne)
April 2019 – Today
Assistant Producer & Quality Assurance

• Producing, Project Management, Product Management
• Quality Assurance (planning & carrying out test scenarios for software & mobile applications and games, providing feedback and facilitate the improvement of products)
• Release Management
• Quality & Workflow Management

Work Experience
Junior Project Manager Creative Solutions (Munich)
November 2016 – September 2018
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

Creating, managing and shaping various creative content projects for german-speaking TVChannels:
 SAT.1 Gold

Internship Creative Solutions (Munich)
September 2014 – March 2015
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

Internship at the inhouse agency of the german-speaking TV channel ProSieben, assisting on the creation of various creative television projects and promotional assets.

Bachelor of Arts: Media Management / Media Economics (Bielefeld)
October 2013 – October 2016
Fachhochschule des Mittelstands Bielefeld

• Media Theory
• Media Economics
• Media Technologies
• Media Concept & Design
• Media Production
• Media Management
• Media Research
• Media law
• General Economics
• Business Administration
• Management
• Marketing & Sales
• Accounting / Financing
• Business law
• Business computer science
• Customer Relationship Management
• Mathematics & Statistics
• Corporate Communications
• Media Project Management
• Business English

Widukind-Gymnasium Enger (Enger)
Summer 2005 – Summer 2013
High School Graduation / Abitur (Main Courses: English Language, History, German Linguistics, Mathematics)
Game Design Skills
Game & Level Design
Visual Scripting
e.g. Blueprints, Playmaker, Bolt
Narrative / World Design
UX & Graphic Design
Producing / Project Management
Agile (Scrum, Kanban) or Waterfall
Lua, C#, Python
Software Skills
Source 1&2 SDK / Hammer
Unity 3D
Unreal Engine 4
Autodesk Maya
Jira / Confluence
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Office Suite
Google Office Suite